NOW RUN APP is a  VERY IMPORTANT opportunity to provide the participants with security levels unknown until now, during the development of your Superbrevet.

That is why ALL participants, without exception, are OBLIGED to register in the NOW RUN APP before July 20 2018, because in addition to that security, the application will be used to assign the times of passage in each of the CONTROLS, essential for the subsequent homologation of the MGM1200k / 2018.

Having controlled both the speed, distance traveled and times will be much easier to also detect these external aids that, by their nature, are expressly prohibited in the Regulation.

The application is very simple, intuitive and does not interfere only in the use of your phones (provided that the instructions given in this presentation are followed to the letter) and, therefore, there is no problem for their incorporation as an extraordinary help tool for the development of the event.

In certain CONTROLS, USB recharging devices will be installed so that the maintenance of the batteries allows the mobiles to be operational at ALL HOURS.

We remind you of the basic actions:

1) Download the NOW RUN APP on your mobile phones completely free of charge for the participant and followers.

2) Register as a participant, before July 20, 2018 and following the instructions detailed below. This process is also very simple: a) You must provide your mail and b) Include the number you have assigned in your Application for Registration.

3) The phone must be connected with GPS and Data (Do not worry the application consumes very little battery). Do not place in “Avion” mode.

4) Close all other applications.

5) Do not forget to take your connector cable with you

Throughout these weeks and until the beginning of the event will be informed of how many new developments are occurring.