Dear participant:

We just wanted to welcome you and inform you that the IV EDICION MADRID-GIJON-MADRID1200k/2018   organization has signed a collaboration agreement with the tracking and geo-localization application NOW RUN APP.

The installation of this application is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as it provides extra safety and show our MGM1200k/2018 as you have never seen before.

All the participants will be followed by both the public and the organization, knowing at all times where they are located from any mobile. Family and friends can see the evolution of the superbrevet and know where you are at any moment during the route.

The application increases the control and safety of the participants and it also increases the information for public.

NOW RUN APP is totally free and you can download it from  both Play Store and AppStore.

About battery consumption, would remind you that our APP consumes very little BATTERY in 24h. That is, if a mobile normally holds one day, our application will endure a little less.

Please note that many people take 3 or 4 open applications ..  and that will consume your battery !!!! not our application.

You must be connected with the GPS and data. Do not put the phone in “airplane mode” because that is how to get it off, it is impossible to send the signal location. Again, no problem of battery consumption and data are sent as whatsapp messages, nothing more.

New for this superbrevet we have the buttons “SOS” and “voluntary retire. We also include the first messaging service between the organization and the participants. So every time there is communication career direction – participants.

We attached screenshot to see how anyone can you them from their mobile.

Best regards